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Day of Absence (Castle TV)

Title: Day of Absence
Word Count: 672
Rating: G
Summary: Kate discovers deep dark feelings a day Castle is gone from the station.
Notes: Written for the "Be Mine" quote challenge at castleland . I find writing characters in this  fandom as well as romance more difficult for me. Any feedback is appreciated. :)

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Azula x Chan

Avatar: the Last Airbender Drabble Challenge Prompts

I need prompts for lots of pairs!

Anyone on my friends-list can leave up to 5 pairings with prompts. Everyone else can leave up to three.

What I have plan I need a nice variety of pairings and really only doing one fic for each pair. (Seriously I will go to threesomes before writing a second drabble on a pair for this challenge.) So the more obscured pairing listed the more likely I use it. But all pairs are welcome so if you want a canon pair drop it off at well but I recommend that all your requests don't be of same pair.

I wouldn't post any drabbles until August 23rd. (I need to finish a few things and my birthday is just the day I pick to start it.)

~I'll pick at least one prompt from each requester

Writing Projects - August 2010

~ Finish Avatar Big Bang - almost done ...

~ Two requests at ATLALAND - seriously I should have these done but what I have written isn't feeling right. D:

~ Finish Request Thread I posted last December. I am a Procrastinator.

~ Write one Original story for runaway_tales 

~ Gather Prompts for a drabble challenge and start posting them on August 23rd!